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Introduction to the studies

Suggested Literature for In-depth Study of the Scriptures

Studies of Traditional Teachings

  1. What Is the State of the Dead?
  2. Do Christians Literally Go to Heaven?
  3. Have Mortal Humans Physically Seen God?
  4. Is the Static God of Calvinism the God of the Bible?
  5. How Does Water baptism Relate to Ones Salvation?
  6. When Did God Form His immortality and Redemption Plan?
  7. The Certainty of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  8. Speaking with Jesus

Studies in Less Conventional Teachings

  1. Should Christians Operate a Tithing System?
  2. Is British Israelism Relevant to Christianity?
  3. When Are Individuals Called, Drawn, and Chosen by God? 
  4. When and How Is One Born Again?
  5. Why Christians Are Not under the Regulations of the Mosaic Law
  6. Are Christians Obliged to Keep the Sabbath?
  7. On Which Days of the Week Were the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus?
  8. Will Earth Be Without Human Inhabitants?
  9. The Saints Do Not Spend a Thousand Years in Heaven.
  10. To What Does “Baptism for the Dead” Refer?
  11. Misinterpretation of Ezekiel 37 and John 10
  12. Do Humans have Sinful (Literal) Flesh?
  13. Did Jesus Offer His Sacrifice First for Himself?
  14. The Faithful Dead Will Be Raised Immortal
  15. Is the Resurrection to Be Only of the “Responsible”?
  16. Should One Be Uncertain of God’s Forgiveness?

Searching into Prophecy

  1. The Coming Golden Age of a Thousand Years
  2. Prophecy and the A.D. 70 Destruction of Jerusalem
  3. Why Historicism Is a Faulty Approach to Prohecy
  4. Why Consistent Preterism Is a Faulty Approach to Prophecy
  5. Why Partial Preterism Is a Faulty Approach to Prophecy
  6. The Futurist View of the End-Times
  7. The Man of Lawlessness as the Final Antichrist
  8. Is Gog of Magog the Final Antichrist?
  9. The Gold-Headed Image, the Four Beasts, and the Little Horn
  10. The 70 Sevens of Daniel Nine
  11. The King of the North and the End-Times
  12. The Distinction Between the End-Times and the Last Days
  13. What Will Be the Sign of Jesus’ Coming?
  14. Ultra-Dispensationalism – Another Faulty Approach to Prophecy
  15. The Great Tribulation Is Not Armageddon or the day of the Lord
  16. The failure of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scheme
  17. Why Will It Be a Post-Tribulation Resurrection/Rapture?

 The Ancient Works of the Creator


  1. Why Believe in a Creator of the Universe?
  2. A Fine-Tuned Universe and Earth as Evidence of a Creator
  3. Biological Evolution Does Not Fit with the Biblical Statements
  4. Biological Evolution Is Not Truly Scientific
  5. Traditional Views of the Genesis Creation Days
  6. The Framework and Analogical Days Views of the Genesis Creation Days
  7. The “Functional World” View of Genesis One
  8. An Ancient Creation
  9. Genealogies in Relation to Chronology
  10. Nature’s Record in the Dating of Chronology
  11. The Genesis Flood
  12. Possible Outlines of Biblical Chronology

The Christian Life

  1. The Process for Becoming a Christian
  2. What Is Required of believers Concerning Water Baptism?
  3. Issues Concerning the Lord’s Supper
  4. The Wonderful Facility of Prayer
  5. The Christian Foundational Structure
  6. What Is the Purpose of the Laying-on-of-Hands?
  7. Can Women Be Teachers in the Congregation? (Part1)
  8. Can Women Be Teachers in the Congregation? (Part 2)
  9. Does the Bible Allow for Female Overseers?
  10. What the Bible and Medical Research Say about Homosexuality

Factors in Bible Translation and Interpretation

  1. Factors in Bible Translation
  2. Comparison of the King James and the Geneva Bibles
  3. The original language of the New Testament by David Maas
  4. The original language of Matthew’s Gospel – Greek Not Hebrew by David Maas

Letter of Faith

By Fiona Fitzgerald